All book reviews and contents are written and made by Nina Ridyananda unless stated otherwise. I would never plagiarize someone's writings and claim them as my own. Sources will be included and stated in each writing if and when necessary.

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Reviews are written for the sake of fun/hobby and professionally, sources are cited and blurbs are available on Goodreads. All book quotes belong to their respective authors.


Review System

Not all books I read will be reviewed, depends on time and resources. For now, I don't accept requests and blog tours/promos yet.

My Rating System

Really Love the book ; Perfect ; Flawless ; Amazing book ; Devour-this-all-the-time ; Swoon-worthy ; Heart-wrenching

Love the book ; Good book ; Beautiful ; Enchanting

Like the book ; Something's off, but still good ; still worth second read

Kinda like the book ; Boring ; Not worth second read

Don't like the book ; Didn't finish reading it

Rating Star Design Copyright 2012 by Nina Ridyananda


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