Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Dream Reading Space

So, I'm getting a small celebratory moment today. I just submitted my draft for my undergraduate thesis. For Indonesian college students, this UG thesis is probably the bane of our existences, where we have to chase after our professors and basically having to fight for a whole semester for a piece of paper *sighs* And anyway, because my seminar date isn't yet set by my department, I went and downloaded a bunch of animes--my current guilty pleasure--and browsed around Google, when I got an inspiration to fill up my blog before cobwebs take over XD

I'm currently living with my parents until graduation--not unusual here--so I can't create my own reading space. I usually lounge around on my bed, supported by a bunch of pillows. But if and when it's possible, I'd like to have a room dedicated for reading. I don't know, I suppose I could custom-build some shelves, have a cozy armchair and ottoman. Hmm....

Be warned, the pictures after this would be set-ups for drool-worthy reading rooms.

An open reading space, very suitable if I have a large house
There are a few essential furnitures that caught my fancy. Like a cozy sofa, armchairs, accent tables, and a coffee table. As for me, I never really like leather furnitures. I prefer something that's easier to clean, since I'm a klutz. Colors, dark and simple is better. But well, I love blue and navy in general, like this one:

Navy sofa and various pillows. Get on Arhaus

This is such a heaven XD

For the shelves, I'm not too fussy. I suppose I'll just get several sets of floor-to-ceiling bookshelf in white. They look neater and cleaner. 

For a small room, a reading nook like this one is the best choice
Armchairs. And a pillow. And I'll add a light blanket so when it rains, I can curl up and just be comfy. Get on Arhaus

Convert your unused closet into a small reading nook. Complete with the pillows (again XD)

Unique coffee table for a reading room. Get on Arhaus

Industrial-style reading room. Or...library? Heck, those sofas look so cozy and I can have my friends here
I'm never gonna leeeaaaave thiis beeeed. Oh, it'd be better if there's a yummy book-boyfriend. Get on Arhaus

When I think about it again, mostly, reading room or reading space usually depends on the house, and customized based on how big is the room. So, while I have a lot of reading room references, I'll have to see again how much of these I can apply XD

For now, my entire collection takes up one small portion of the house, with a set of bookcase. Think of Ikea's Billy series, and I have only two pieces of those. Not many, since I prefer ebooks and quite selective when buying books.

All photos belong to their respective owners (since I just browsed through Google) and Arhaus. Check them out for more great furnitures.

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