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Review: Till Death

Title : Till Death
Author : Jennifer L. Armentrout
Edition : Kindle (Released February 28th, 2017)
Publisher : William Morrow Paperbacks
Page counts : 400 pages
Language : English
Genre : Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Average Rating : 4.07 (per March 11th, 2017)
Hotness Scale : 2/5
Read date : March 6th, 2017
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In New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout’s gripping new novel, a young woman comes home to reclaim her life—even as a murderer plots to end it. . .

It’s been ten years since Sasha Keaton left her West Virginia hometown . . . since she escaped the twisted serial killer known as the Groom. Returning to help run her family inn means being whole again, except for one missing piece. The piece that falls into place when Sasha’s threatened—and FBI agent Cole Landis vows to protect her the way he couldn’t a decade ago.

First one woman disappears; then another, and all the while, disturbing calling cards are left for the sole survivor of the Groom’s reign of terror. Cole’s never forgiven himself for not being there when Sasha was taken, but he intends to make up for it now . . . because under the quirky sexiness Cole first fell for is a steely strength that only makes him love Sasha more.

But someone is watching. Waiting. And Sasha’s first mistake could be her last.

This is Jennifer's first thriller book that I tried. I loved her Wait for Me and Lux series, although I kinda fell through and didn't manage to finish them yet. So I decided to try another of her stand-alone.

Being with Cole had made me feel like I was on the edge of a cliff, more than willing to fall off. I'd never felt anything like that again. Not even a smidgen.

Ten years ago, Sasha Keaton left her hometown when she survived a serial killer, survived something that a young woman should never have endured. A little broken and traumatized, she decided to move away from her family and her friends. And from her boyfriend, Cole Landish. Now twenty nine, she moves back into town to inherit her family inn and lives with her Mom. She doesn't quite forget what had happened, but now she can cope. Her homecoming brings Cole back on her doorstep, and also attention that she doesn't want from anyone else.

Cole had harbored regret because he thought he let Sasha down. Regret and guilt. But he's still in love with her, even after ten years apart. He wants another chance with Sasha, but he certainly didn't expect that her coming back could mean danger. Because The Groom, the serial killer who had taken Sasha--and killed by the cops--is apparently back and leaving messages for Sasha along with new murders in their hometown. He couldn't protect Sasha ten years ago, now Cole would damn well protect her.

You survived hell and it wasn't just dumb luck. You fought back and you survived. You're a survivor. You earned that title, baby. You own it.

So. Let's talk about plotline first. I'm not giddily satisfied, mostly just warm feelings. Maybe because I've read many romantic suspenses from other authors who make the genre their niche. Jennifer is talented in spinning the mystery and romance together. But yet, there are something missing. I didn't get the pounding anticipation I usually have when reading romantic suspense--I'll call it RS. It was... disappointing for me. I didn't doubt for one minute that I'll get a thrilling romance. But in the suspense department, Till Death is sadly average. But the climax and the reveal was amazing, and sorta unexpected. A thumb up for this. At least I didn't--and couldn't--guess the murderer from the get go and I had fun from that.

Sometimes you cared so deeply about someone that no matter what happened, you never really stopped.

Now the characters. Sasha Keaton. She's... broken but determined. A smart girl, and independent too. What she endured didn't break her, just bent her a little. So yes, I like her. As for Cole, he's so alpha-male--comes with the territory as a federal agent--and I like him too. What I regretted after finishing this book was... he doesn't have a very integral part in unraveling the mystery :( He's around to keep Sasha safe, but when something happens to her he's away for work *scratch hair* He's still investigating a bit, but not deep enough that he feels like a spectator rather than the investigator. So I like their characters but I wasn't satisfied with Cole's role in this book. Rather, I took a liking to Mrs. Keaton, Sasha's mom. She's flirty and wise, I want a mom like her too haha. Not that I'd trade my own mom, but she's soooo cool, not stuffy at all.

Overall, I enjoyed Till Death. The small town that's written nicely, great characters, and intriguing plot kept me on the book. Not bad for my first try on Jennifer's thriller.

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