Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Birthday & Blogoversary Party

I'll tell something about the start of this exchange of gifts :)
So, this year, BBI didn't host Secret Santa. I was part of the team arranging that annual party. I was, of course, saddened about it. Though a bit relieved because honestly, getting everyone to obey the timeline was kinda frustrating. Anyway, eleven members who have a birthday, blogoversary, or simply celebrating something decided that we should make our own version of Secret Santa.

So I got who my target is, and I was supposed to receive a package on my birthday, one from my wishlist. And I did get the package well before my birthday. Imagine my surprise when I received Pamela Clare's Naked Edge (Indonesian version), book four of her I-Team series. I was so happy and bemused because I didn't have the third book yet XD Not only the book, I also got a small file pocket, a notebook, a set of colorful page marker, and a pack of Allure green tea latte *yumm

Just like Secret Santa, I also received a riddle about my mystery giver. Given my track record of guessing riddles, I didn't think I'll get this right.

"Aku sadar langit dan laut tak pernah bisa menyatu, meski garis batas mereka tipis sekali. Aku menyukai laut, tapi langit telah memerangkapku. Dulu aku berdiri di tepi pantai, sekarang langkahku menjejak batuan. Tempatku mendekati langit, menjauhi lautan. Di sini, aku melihatmu sambil berselimutkan pepohonan serta rimbunnya palawija."

Loosely translated:

"I realized the sky and the sea could not mix, even though the line is blurred. I love the sea, but the sky had trapped me. I once stood on the shore, now I step on rocks. I'm close to the sky, away from the ocean. Here, I see you through the trees."

Honestly, I had no earthly idea about my mystery giver. She definitely loves the ocean, the waters, but then she has to live somewhere near the sky, which I assume, is somewhere in higher altitude than Surabaya and has an abundance of trees and greenery.

And based on several small clues, I concluded that my mystery giver is...

Dina Cahyaningtyas

Am I right? Or did I miss something? XD

Thank you for the gifts. I really, really loved everything. And I promise I'll jot down everything so that I don't forget *cry in the corner*

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