Friday, October 14, 2016

Reading Romance 2016: July-September Wrap-Up

Hello, guys!
We're on the fourth quarter of Reading Romance 2016. I'm planning on hosting another Reading Challenge or two next year, but I'm still in a pickle about the format.

And as for this challenge, next year, after the challenge is finished, I'm giving away TWO mystery packages for two people, and probably a couple books if I have them. One mystery package is for you who finishes with the highest number of romance books read this year AND submit your updates the list for each quarter. So if you only submit twice, I'm going to disqualify. The other one is for you who finishes with all fifteen categories done, no matter how many books you read. If I have more than one participant qualified, I'll do it randomly.

Please note that I will have FOUR posts. The last one will be the update for the fourth quarter, which would include the number of books you've read all through 2016, and categories you've done as wrap-up.

1. Make a post about the romance books you've read from July 1st to September 30th. To make it easier for you guys, you can write your progress on your Master Post or make a new progress post that you update every period. If you are using Goodreads, don't forget to set your reading date.

2. If you make reviews, please link up your reviews on your progress post.

3. Please write your progress post with this following format:

# (Month) Book Title - Author - Category

Or, if you are categorizing your books like I do (my progress post), you still HAVE to write up the month.

4. There is a Linky below. Link up your progress post with this following format:

Name - Your Blog Name/Goodreads Name/Facebook Name

5. Please don't submit ALL your review links. Link up your reviews on your progress post

6. If you are using Goodreads, you can link up the shelf you made for this RC. Use URL shortener (, tinyurl, etc) if the link is too long. If you are using Facebook, use Note to make the post.

7. The Linky will be open from now until October 31st. Make sure you don't forget to add your link to make you eligible for my giveaway at the end of this RC.

Any question, you can tweet to me @ridyananda or email me on my email ninaridyananda[at]gmail[dot]com. Via Facebook is not encouraged because I rarely open my Facebook. Please do not hesitate to contact if necessary.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Reading Spots in Surabaya

You ever have a favorite place to read?
I do. I usually just curl up in my bed, propped by a mountain of pillows, and get comfortable with slow music in set in low volume :) But no, I'm not going to post my bed and my pillows here.

I bring books everywhere I go. I practically has many books on my smartphone, stuffs I'd like to open again when I wait for someone, or bored at class. Usually, I have too many things on my bag so I just left my book-of-the-day in my car. Smartphone and ebooks are my favorite because I can read literally everywhere, anywhere, and however I could.

Surabaya, the city I live and play in, was declared a literacy city back in 2014. I just found out myself, and frankly, reading facilities in Surabaya only fall on the category of decent. Even the public libraries. Libraries in private schools or universities (not owned by our dear government) are in better condition and have vast collections, but sadly I could never read in these places.

Anyway, I do have favorite spots in this city to read. Or at least, trying to read. Because reading in these places lift my mood up. I can spend two to four hours in these places, reading or just basically getting my mood in the right place so to speak. But other than that, you could definitely try this places for reading.

Libreria Eatery
Jl. Ngagel Jaya 87-89, Surabaya

I admit, I only come here when I'm feeling rich. The food and beverages are not really affordable for a student (unless you're a rich student, which I am definitely not). But this cafe has a very bookish theme. Located near Uranus bookstore, Libreria aims for bookworms with bookish quotes, bookish stuffs, and books all around. The air inside is comfy and homey. If only they make their foods cheaper :(

Aside of Libreria, there are actually quite a number of cafes or eateries in Surabaya that have nice views, comfortable, and in affordable prices. You wouldn't feel bored because Surabaya offers a lot of culinary delights in these cafes. One of those is Stilrod Cafe, a British-themed cafe in the Darmo area. But I'm not here to talk about cafes XD


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