Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bookish Soundtrack #3: Love in The Dark by Adele

Have you ever felt so sick with your assignment you just said "Fuck it" and leave it at that?
Well, I just did! I was so bored with my undergrad thesis I was practically foaming at the mouth. So I decided to just "eh, whatever", close all my Words windows, and browse the net. My iTunes was playing Adele's "Love in The Dark" and I listened to its lyric. I was reminded of a book that is one of my favorite this year.
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So, Adele just released her latest album 25. Being a sucker for love/heartbreak songs that I am, of course I have to have it. Pretty much everything have deep meanings. But Love in The Dark caught my attention because it tells a story of someone who has to leave her lover because she's convinced she doesn't love her lover anymore and she's leaving to be kind. Huh. Guess who just have the same hung up?

Yes, Caine Carraway. Read my review of his stubborn ass here (sorry it's in Indonesian).

Here's the full lyric. What really gets me is this part:

Please don't fall apart
I can't face your breaking heart
I'm trying to be brave
Stop asking me to stay
Several of the lines (like how Adele doesn't love him anymore) is not really sticking with the book. But Caine has convinced himself he can live without Alexa. Though Caine's reasons for leaving Alexa is mainly because he's afraid too.

This song is catchy too, and overall, it's not too gloomy and the song is emotionally charged. Not like Rolling in The Deep, but not as sad as Someone Like You. You should give it a try.

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