Friday, November 06, 2015

Bookish Soundtrack #2: Castaway by 5 Seconds of Summer

Last week, I downloaded 5SOS's newest album: Sounds Good Feels Good. Turned out almost all the songs in the album are good. I enjoy the album so much that I put them in my tablet and my phone. Aside of Demi Lovato's Confident, and probably Adele's 25, this album is my favorite of the year.

And then this week, I got to read a book that practically stomped on my romantic heart and blew my mind completely. I'll tell you what: I cried THREE times while reading this book! I read it extra-fast, nosleep, because I want my misery to ends. I ate the book in 10 hours, and what did I get? I got to class looking like a zombie, and a massive book-hungover brewing in my brain. I love every painful second of the couple's journey and struggle.

What's this book, you ask?
Okay, check out my one of my favorite badass author, Kristen Ashley, and her newest book Walk Through Fire.

And one particular song that stick in my mind while reading this book was Castaway. Why, you ask again? The song is a catchy one, and dig deeper on the lyric, it's spot on with both Millie and High's situation back before they meet again (20 years ago)

Cause you walked out and left me stranded
Nothing left but picture frames
And I just keep on asking myself
How'd we drift so far away
From where we left off yesterday?
I'm lonely like a castaway, ay
Heartbreak that I can't escape
A sinking ship I'll never save
I'm lonely like a castaway, ay
Although their situation is understandable, but still, whenever I hear the song (which is often because I so love my playlist), my mind drift off to Millie and High.

Next up, I'm giving a double combo. I get a Demi song and a The Script for soundtracks! Stay tuned :)

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