Sunday, November 15, 2015

2016 Reading Challenge

I may seem a bit way over my head, since 2015 is not even finished and I'm already writing this post down. Well, since I received an email notification, I'm getting pretty excited. Though, seeing what 2016 might bring to my life, I think I'd put brakes on my reading challenges. I'll just have two or three RC to follow.

This post will be updated as a Master Post, whenever I add new RCs.

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Anna from The Herd Presents is hosting another round of reading challenges. I just picked one from her listing, and I choose 2016 Pick Your Genre. What genre to link up with? I think I'll go with this two major genres:

  1. Paranormal
  2. Contemporary
Be they romance, thriller, horror. As long as I get these two as the major genres, I'll be fine:) Seeing I'm such a big fan of paranormal and contemporary books.

Level I take: Level 4 - Going For a Swim (50 Books)

Updates will be posted later.

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